How Do You Thank Someone For A Retweet?

If you’re active on Twitter, you probably have gotten a “thanks for the RT.” Saying “thank you” helps build brand loyalty and brings a conversational aspect to your tweets. We all struggle on what’s the correct etiquette for thanking someone on Twitter. Do you always have to say thanks? Are there other ways to show your gratitude?

Angie Schottmuller from Interactive Artisan recently did a guest post on Jay Baer’s Convince and Covert that was right on target with helpful do’s and don’ts  regarding etiquette. Here are some highlights:


  • Follow the user – Review their profile and if they are a good fit, follow them.
  • Reciprocate – Scan their tweets and see if one is applicable for you to RT.
  • Retweet a Retweet – This is a good way to recognize the user and put quality content back  into the stream.
  • Conversational Mention – Reply with a conversational response about the post to get a discussion going.


  • Don’t put numerous RT’s back-to-back.
  • Avoid peak content hours.
  • Don’t put out a generic thanks. Always include a hashtag.

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5 Responses to How Do You Thank Someone For A Retweet?

  1. John –
    A coupla questions:
    1) Why not “Avoid peak content hours.” Seems to me Tweets have more chance of being read during in-peak hours.
    2) “Don’t put out a generic thanks. Always include a hashtag.” What kind of hashtag?

    • Steven
      You want to keep peak hour when possible for your messages. Regarding hashtags,Aim to include the original tweet or link if possible. You can also include a hashtag (i.e. “Thank you for the #CRO retweets!”) so your followers or other users can identify other relevant folks they may want to follow.

  2. Noni says:

    good questions and great answers!

  3. I have an auto-generated list of re-tweeters provided by Formulists.

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