White Paper: Trends in Mobile Media

It seems like these days that everything is moving as fast as a digital download. Information is at your fingertips with smartphones getting more and more popular and with access to everything you could possibly want to know in the palm of your hand.

We see this in the news media as well – stories no longer take weeks or days to break, but are posted within a few minutes so you can know what is happening half way across the world in seconds. It is with this trend of fast information, and the technology of mobile media that fuels it, that marketers are forced to keep up.

More and more people are getting their information from their smartphones and carry them with them at all times, so marketers need to reach their targets where they are absorbing information.

This white paper reviews the current state of affairs and touches on QR codes and Microsoft Tags and highlights best practices.

A free copy for download is available. Click here to sign up.


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