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I was born in “the heartland” of America and was raised on good old Midwestern values of hard work, honesty and trust. The small rural town I grew up in was mainly farmers and blue collar workers, so I soon realized what an honest day’s work was all about.

As I worked my way through college, I got married and we had 2 sons. At the ripe old age of 27, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. I always wanted my own business and I wasn’t happy in my then career path, so I decided to start an Ad Agency in 1976.

There I was with a wife, two kids, a mortgage, no clients and $500 in the bank. To say I had some reasons to be motivated is an understatement! I obviously started taking any kind of work that was out there, but soon realized that retail was not my cup of tea.

I felt more comfortable in the industrial and construction fields and began concentrating on Manufacturers who sold to the professional tradesman, construction firms and maintenance workers who took care of the plant operation side of things.

Today, we’re one of the leading agencies in the country that specializes in developing and implementing integrated plans that sell to these targeted audiences.

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